Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Wedding

When you look forward to your wedding day, the one thing that seems to worry one is the budget. You start questioning whether or not you have the funds to make the one special day in your life, special enough. Here are some of the top money saving tips for wedding occasions.

o Remember that each time you add a name to your invitation list, you increase your budget. It not only increases your budget that rises, but lifts the cost of the catering, invitation costs, etc. You should not feel obligated to invite your distant family and all of your work colleagues. When it comes to the invitations, you can cut the costs of this by sending the invites and in place of the reply card, have your guests confirm via telephone or email.

o If you are having a religious wedding try and set your wedding date close to a holiday as at the holiday season all churches are decorated, making this a way for you to save money on flowers. Should this not be an option for you, then try and plan your wedding on a weeknight or a Sunday, there are fewer demands for these days and the vendors are more than likely to offer you a better rate.

o At one stage during your planning you may find the time and plan a “pitch-in-party”; this is where you could ask your friends to assist you in accumulate favors, design invitations and centerpieces as well as additional homespun economical touches.

o When it comes to the caterer, start off with honesty. Let the catering company know beforehand that you need less expensive entrees and question whether the buffet would work out cheaper for you than an accommodated ceremonial dinner.

o To end off the money saving tips for wedding occasions, try and get your friends and family together for some resources. Think of musicians that someone might know, articulate friends who could address the ceremony as well as some crafty folks who could assist with the decorations.