Tips on Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude to friends and family who attend the wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. It is a simple thought that leaves a lasting impression of your wedding and your thoughtfulness. Aside from memories, the favor may stay with the wedding guests forever. So, don’t skip out on the favor, because it really can matter.

Deciding what is the appropriate favor to give to your guests is always a dilemma? Remember that it is not about what you give, but the thought of giving, so a favor can be very inexpensive or very high end. People give out all sorts of wedding favors that fit their personality. There is nothing that is strange to give out as a favor if it reflects the bride and groom’s personality and taste. There are many different types of favors that can be given out depending on the type of wedding.

Many people will choose to coordinate the favor with the theme of the wedding. For example, sometimes it is nice to give out a favors that are in season with the wedding. There are a variety of fall, winter, as well as summer and spring favors. However, for spring and summer weddings, brides and grooms will often opt for a garden wedding theme or a beach theme. Thus, there are fabulous beach and nautical wedding favors to select from, as well as favors for spring themes, such as garden wedding favors. Festive favors are available for any time of the year. With the current wedding favor industry launching new designs every year, couples have an array of seasonal tokens and gifts to select from.

No one wants their favors to be tossed out and some brainstorming about practical keepsakes is a good idea. Practical favors are always appreciated. If you have a summer wedding or an out door wedding, shield guests from the sun with pretty parasols that they’ll be able to use long after your wedding day. Keep guest cool with sandalwood fans that have a lovely fragrance as well. For a winter wedding, present guests with an ornament that guests can put on their Christmas tree for years to come. One of the classic ways to avoid a wasteful favor is give guests edible wedding favors. Chocolate truffles in pretty bon bon boxes are always a delicious treat for guests. You can never go wrong with chocolate, but don’t forget less traditional (and less expensive) sweets that can make a lasting impression, such as taffy sticks or caramels. Carmel candy favors are also perfect for fall themed weddings.

It is a nice touch when favors reflect the bride and groom’s personality or have symbolism for the couple. A traditional favor is always appreciated by wedding guests. Celebrate your culture through your gifts. Think maracas for a Latin or Mexican themed wedding. Also pewter chopsticks or personalized chopsticks are a great idea for an Asian theme.

Wedding favors are also great to add to the decor of the day. If you’re having a theme wedding, offer a favor that echoes the motif. Think strawberry-flavored lobster suckers for beach side bashes or candles with seashells and tea lights. Personalized corkscrews and chrome bottle stoppers for winery weddings are a classy idea. It is also appropriate to choose favors that also serve as place cards, or even centerpieces. These favors serve a dual purpose and also save money. Think small wrapped favor boxes of chocolate that you can stack as centerpieces or labeled Champagne bottles that double as place cards.

If you choose scented favors, such as candle favors, avoid setting scented favors on the table as they may interfere with the aromas of the dinner. Have them distributed by the wait staff after dinner has been served. A nice touch would be to have your bride’s maids distribute the wedding favors to your guests.

How to distribute the favors and how many are needed is often a dilemma with most couples. If you’re opting for a gift like almonds or candy, provide one per guest. Each individual guest should always receive an edible wedding favor. If you want to splurge on the favors, then think bottle stoppers or gourmet coffee favors, and other personalized favors. Pricier items like votive candleholders can be distributed one per couple.

There is an abundance of wedding favors to select from and the wedding industry provides easy access to these favors. Remember that wedding favors do not have to be expensive if budget is an issue. Creativity and thoughtfulness is what should be reflected from the little tokens of thank you. Although, bride’s often don’t spend a lot of time on wedding favors, there is wedding favor etiquette to think about. With the help of wedding planners you can sort out exactly what you want to do when it comes to wedding favors for your wedding.