Tips on Wedding Decor

These 6 cost saving tips on wedding decor can help you transform a drab wedding venue to a magical one at half the price. Wanting to create the right atmosphere for your wedding is very important. But brides tend to spend a large portion of their budget on wedding decorations to make the venue look magical. Do not let this happen to you. Here are 6 cost saving tips on wedding decor that can help you curb your wedding budget and let you spend more wisely.

  1. Have you ever heard the saying the more the better? Do one thing on mass and you will not believe the impact it will have. My favorite thing to do is have tons of candles everywhere, the visual impact is amazing.
  2. Rather than using flowers why not have pot plants. I did a wedding where we placed orchid pot plants in mirror boxes and it looked amazing. We used a lot less plants and it was much cheaper than flowers. The added bonus is that you can use them as thank you gifts afterwards. Kill two birds with one stone.
  3. If your following trends, then using fruit and veggies as decor is hot right now. Add these in your arrangements or a stand alones and then you will need fewer flowers. It is cheaper to buy a pear than a rose.
  4. Candles are a girls new best friend for weddings. If there is one cost saving tips on wedding decor that I would recommend, it is candles. The more the better to create a romantic atmosphere and they are cheap.
  5. Check with your venue if you are getting married around a holiday, if the venue has not already been decked out. You might be lucky and just have to add a few more touches.
  6. If you are the arty type or have a friend that is good at art then create your own personalized motif or monogram on a computer. For a chic, personal feel add these motifs that you have created on different elements of your wedding such as programs and menus.

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