Tips for Wedding Programs

Are you going to use a wedding program? I’ll give you some tips on what to include in your wedding program. There are three main sections that will need to be included in your program.

The first thing everyone will see is the cover. The cover of the wedding program you will need to include a picture of yourselves, date, location and your names. The cover does not need to be extravagant but should have some design element to it.

The second thing you need to let everyone know about is all the events you are having and in some cases the time of that specific event. List everything that will be happening at the ceremony such as scripture readings, the music that you are having, prayers, exchanging of your vows and so on. You do not have to include everything you are doing at your ceremony but the main parts of the ceremony are essential.

The third thing you will need to list is all of your bridesmaid and groomsmen and everyone in your bridal party. Just keep it simple list the names and the role they have at your wedding. Here is an example list. Parents of the Bride: Ron and Rita Nash, Maid of Honor: Jane Doe and so on. Just keep it simple. You do not have to list everyone but a thank you note would be nice to the people who play the smaller roles.

Make it fun by including your heritage and some other rituals and traditions your families might have. List all the items when you request singing, praying times, or guest participation. Just list everything that will be special to your wedding when you require a specific time. Make it memorable to everyone by writing a few lines about how you appreciate every ones help and participation and any other special notes you wish to include. Make the program a summary of events and it will guide you through your transformation.