Tips and Wedding Toast Examples

are a few tips for wedding speeches and a few toast examples.

The difference of a wedding toast and a wedding speech is the span of time of delivering. A wedding speech may take several minutes while a wedding toast generally lasts only a few seconds.

Wedding toasts generally provide motivation to the bride and groom including all the people attending the occasion. A toast is done by raising the hand with a glass of wine and champagne. Then a simple wish or comment is delivered for the bride and groom.

There are some orders of wedding toasts to be followed when done traditionally. But because of the new age culture arising, there is some added “spice” to some wedding toasts. For example, a long lost friend since high school may give a toast for the bride or the groom.

There are three themes that can be delivered in a wedding toast. It can be for a positive (optimism) outlook for the new couples, reminiscing or nostalgic (whether it is funny or emotional) toast or a moral advice.

Preparing a toast can be done to deliver it without any flaws. Remember, it is a special occasion so better make it good. Practice the toast speech to make it more presentable.

Funny wedding toasts are very popular because it lightens the aura of the reception. But be careful not to be “too corny” as the wedding celebrants may be dismayed including the audience.

Emotional wedding toasts are also usual, especially for the father of the bride. These situations cannot be avoided so better prepare a tissue or a handkerchief just in case a flood of tears may occur.

Here are some samples of wedding toasts that can be delivered effectively. Read on my friend.

“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half-shut afterwards.”
–Ben Franklin

“May love still continue for the both of you just like before when you were still starting your relationship.”
– Anonymous

“May we still be friends even if you already have our own life with (groom).”
— Anonymous

“To the newlyweds, I share my glass of wine for prosperity and long life.”
– Anonymous

“Here’s to the father of the bride who over protected her daughter but in the end will marry.”

“Here’s to the groom and bride that they may have a son as handsome as him and a daughter as beautiful as his wife.”

“I wish you more blessings from God and may he protect and guide you always.”

“Here’s to the best man who wants to marry the bride’s sister!”

“I raise my cup for the father of the bride because he will have a grandchild soon!”

“I raise my glass of wine for my wife because of her beauty and kindness; I love her with all my heart.”

These are some of sample wedding speech toasts. Feel free to make up your own and make it really special!