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What to Tip at a Wedding and How to Tip Your Wedding Minister

Many brides and grooms, or their parents, are very shy when it comes to making payments to a wedding professional in person, but they are generally more embarrassed when dealing with their wedding clergy in regards to payment, and especially a giving a gratuity. I have been on both ends of the wedding altar and I can tell you that it’s much easier to deal with than you think and there is a smart way.

Everyone is a bit unsure of what is proper mostly because wedding ministers as a whole have historically dealt with rituals and properness in situations and most folks do not want to cross the line. But remember that wedding professionals deal with this issue on a daily basis and so they understand your uncomfortableness and they have seen it quite a bit. To them, it is part of the work day.

Do I tip? Definitely, yes. How much? It depends, but it is not unusual to double a fee. How? There is a good time to pay the gratuity when you pay the balance of your officiant fee. Why? Because t.i.p. stands for to insure proper service. Your marriage officiant is still holding your marriage license when you part ways (they are required usually to file it themselves). Where? At the signing.

How do you pay and tip with class? It is not so difficult after all. Tipping anyone should be done with joy and gratitude. Consider the following wedding information.

Most officiants charge from $275 to $900 for a wedding ceremony. It all depends on your wedding ceremony location, what things you feel you need from your wedding minister and how busy they are. The busier the wedding minister, the more expensive they will generally be.

Most wedding vendors will ask for a deposit in advance and the remainder to be paid on the day of the wedding. Do remember to make a prompt deposit as wedding professionals do get calls and emails constantly. A typical wedding professional gets anywhere from 10 to 100 requests a day. That is a lot time requests to be juggling. Frankly, the first person to commit by putting down a deposit is the one who wins that time slot.

We recommend that you send the officiant you have chosen the deposit by check or by credit card immediately so that you do have a hold on their time and also so that there is a paper trail. However, in my experience, the balance should be paid by cash.

When you pay the balance it is usually more embarrassing for people since it is in person and there is no “right moment”. But there is.

The best thing to do is to bring an envelope with each wedding vendor name on it and put the remainder in cash in the envelope. If you are in a large wedding, hand these to your best man or the father of the bride (which makes him feel more important) and tell them to distribute the money for you.

Do make sure to pay by the balance you owe your wedding minister in cash or your license may not be filed in time for the check to clear. Even worse, if you are traveling after your wedding and your check bounces, you may find that you are not married by the time you return from your honeymoon. A wedding officiant is required to file your marriage license within a certain amount of time with the county, usually 10 days. If they are paid by check and it bounces while you are in Tahiti then you may have a bit of a problem as that wedding clergy does not know if you will be paying on your bad check.

The best time to pay is at the signing of the marriage license. There is always a shuffling of papers from each person and when the wedding officiant signs it you can easily hand the envelope over with a “Thank you!”

And do not forget the minister gratuity. You can include that in the envelope as well. What is the proper tip for an officiant? $75 – $150 is the proper officiant gratuity and if that seems to be too much to you, consider this: your wedding officiant is probably the least paid of most of the wedding professionals present at your wedding and yet you need that one person at your wedding ceremony more than anyone else there, or else. . . you would not be married. Yes, you do not need to tip a wedding official but think of it this way: it’s good karma and a good way to start your marriage with a positive vibe from the one person who joined you as husband and wife

Tips on Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude to friends and family who attend the wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. It is a simple thought that leaves a lasting impression of your wedding and your thoughtfulness. Aside from memories, the favor may stay with the wedding guests forever. So, don’t skip out on the favor, because it really can matter.

Deciding what is the appropriate favor to give to your guests is always a dilemma? Remember that it is not about what you give, but the thought of giving, so a favor can be very inexpensive or very high end. People give out all sorts of wedding favors that fit their personality. There is nothing that is strange to give out as a favor if it reflects the bride and groom’s personality and taste. There are many different types of favors that can be given out depending on the type of wedding.

Many people will choose to coordinate the favor with the theme of the wedding. For example, sometimes it is nice to give out a favors that are in season with the wedding. There are a variety of fall, winter, as well as summer and spring favors. However, for spring and summer weddings, brides and grooms will often opt for a garden wedding theme or a beach theme. Thus, there are fabulous beach and nautical wedding favors to select from, as well as favors for spring themes, such as garden wedding favors. Festive favors are available for any time of the year. With the current wedding favor industry launching new designs every year, couples have an array of seasonal tokens and gifts to select from.

No one wants their favors to be tossed out and some brainstorming about practical keepsakes is a good idea. Practical favors are always appreciated. If you have a summer wedding or an out door wedding, shield guests from the sun with pretty parasols that they’ll be able to use long after your wedding day. Keep guest cool with sandalwood fans that have a lovely fragrance as well. For a winter wedding, present guests with an ornament that guests can put on their Christmas tree for years to come. One of the classic ways to avoid a wasteful favor is give guests edible wedding favors. Chocolate truffles in pretty bon bon boxes are always a delicious treat for guests. You can never go wrong with chocolate, but don’t forget less traditional (and less expensive) sweets that can make a lasting impression, such as taffy sticks or caramels. Carmel candy favors are also perfect for fall themed weddings.

It is a nice touch when favors reflect the bride and groom’s personality or have symbolism for the couple. A traditional favor is always appreciated by wedding guests. Celebrate your culture through your gifts. Think maracas for a Latin or Mexican themed wedding. Also pewter chopsticks or personalized chopsticks are a great idea for an Asian theme.

Wedding favors are also great to add to the decor of the day. If you’re having a theme wedding, offer a favor that echoes the motif. Think strawberry-flavored lobster suckers for beach side bashes or candles with seashells and tea lights. Personalized corkscrews and chrome bottle stoppers for winery weddings are a classy idea. It is also appropriate to choose favors that also serve as place cards, or even centerpieces. These favors serve a dual purpose and also save money. Think small wrapped favor boxes of chocolate that you can stack as centerpieces or labeled Champagne bottles that double as place cards.

If you choose scented favors, such as candle favors, avoid setting scented favors on the table as they may interfere with the aromas of the dinner. Have them distributed by the wait staff after dinner has been served. A nice touch would be to have your bride’s maids distribute the wedding favors to your guests.

How to distribute the favors and how many are needed is often a dilemma with most couples. If you’re opting for a gift like almonds or candy, provide one per guest. Each individual guest should always receive an edible wedding favor. If you want to splurge on the favors, then think bottle stoppers or gourmet coffee favors, and other personalized favors. Pricier items like votive candleholders can be distributed one per couple.

There is an abundance of wedding favors to select from and the wedding industry provides easy access to these favors. Remember that wedding favors do not have to be expensive if budget is an issue. Creativity and thoughtfulness is what should be reflected from the little tokens of thank you. Although, bride’s often don’t spend a lot of time on wedding favors, there is wedding favor etiquette to think about. With the help of wedding planners you can sort out exactly what you want to do when it comes to wedding favors for your wedding.

Preparing For Your Wedding

Planning and organizing your dream wedding can be a difficult task especially when budget is a major concern. Especially if you are staying in the big city, you will realize how expensive wedding can be. If you have unique wedding ideas, creative and have done a good research, there are many ways in reducing your wedding budget and still achieve wedding of your dream. I would like to share my ideas and tips on wedding planning on a budget that I have personally experienced and still achieve wedding of my dream.

The most obvious way in reducing the cost is by reducing the numbers of guests attending your wedding. Screen through the wedding invitation list again and just invites those close and important relatives and friends. Appropriate decision and selection in your invitation guest will ensure you really scrutinize the list and still maintain wedding invitation etiquette.

Select a day which is non-peak or not in holiday season to get the best price. Catering, wedding facilities and other wedding related services usually will be in high demand on Saturday, Sunday and holiday seasons and thus it will be more expensive. If Saturday or Sunday is unavoidable, try to avoid Saturday or Sunday during holiday season. You still be able to find a good deal on Saturday or Sunday in non-holiday season.

Plan and make an advance booking at least a year of all your major wedding items and expenses such as wedding gowns and wedding gowns designer, wedding dresses, catering services, wedding cakes, wedding ring, men’s wedding bands, wedding limousine, wedding facilities and other wedding accessories. Last minutes planning and booking will usually cost higher due to extra work and additional resources involved.

Wedding video and photographer can be expensive as well during high demand seasons. Avoiding high demand seasons will definitely save cost. Need to ensure photos negatives are part of your photography package as to avoid relying on your wedding photography studios for reprinting. Instruct your photographer for “wedding poses must have” and look for quality photos rather than quantity. This will ease the final photo selections and limit non-quality photos. Take this wedding photography tips seriously as it will save you a lot.

Paying cash in major wedding items can reduce cost as well and this can be done through requesting cash discount. The merchant usually will bear 2% to 3% of bank charges if the client pay using credit card. By paying cash, the bank charges can be transfer to consumer as a discount. Credit cards only to be used as a guarantee and once you have received the goods and services, payment can be settled by cash.

If you hire a consultant or wedding planner, select a wedding planner that charge based on hours rather than based on percentage of the total bill. An experienced wedding planner will be able to guide you in reducing cost further by avoiding mistakes and unnecessary cost. Experienced and well known wedding planner usually has a good connection and this will be added advantage for you to get additional discount on wedding services and goods.

Wedding flower arrangements can be saved as well by ordering in advance. Avoid high demand season flowers such as high demand flowers during Valentine’s Day. There are also flowers renting services that can be considered as well.

As for your wedding entertainment and music, booking in advance will give advantage in negotiating the price and get a good discount. If you would like to save further, using just a background music rather than live band will be another good alternative.

There are also many free written materials as well that can be found on internet such as free wedding checklist, free wedding speeches and poems, clip art, wedding program and invitation templates, wedding catalog and many more. All these free materials not only can save your cost but will save your time as well.

6 Tips That Wedding Bands Should Use To Play Good Music

A wedding party is an eventful day that you should live to remember. Apart from decorating the venue to suit the occasion, you might want to hire a wedding band that will entertain your guests throughout the occasion. Beginning from the ceremony processional towards the first dance, it is often challenging figuring out the correct songs for the weddings. You could be interested in keeping your guests engaged with sweet music to honor the occasion.

Wedding bands may find it easy to choose the right music according to the theme of the wedding and its set-up. Also, the band has a wide collection of songs and all they can do for you is to choose a collection that is going to be compatible with the colorful day. They will match up to the standard of the songs that the bride or groom desires. There are various tips that wedding bands can use to get good music for the wedding parties:

  • The band should ensure that it has a right collection of songs and tests them to ensure that it can actually play the songs in question. If you choose a jazz band for instance, they might want to include other kinds of songs that will kill monotony and instead, liven up the atmosphere. The band will have to choose what it is “in” currently and advise you on the different kind of songs that will suit different events during the wedding party.
  • They will also get songs that are fillers on a CD and try them through their equipment. It is a much popular choice as it is the least hassle that enables the band to create an impact when it kicks off the first set immediately. Of course, the band does not rely on the CDs only but only utilize the CDs for filling gaps between performances.
  • Prelude songs are also chosen to be played just before the start of the service, when guests are seated. This would require a pianist who would play some nice and soothing music to the audience.
  • The band should choose a great meaningful father-daughter song, which signifies an emotional moment. The song is always a symbolic one between the bride and her father when the moment of walking away arrives. A song with a meaning is often chosen at this time and one that represents their relationship.
  • The wedding band has the freedom to choose a traditional song to play because all weddings have a traditional side to them so make sure this song is practised well.
  • During the reception, the music being played should be engaging such that people, both young and old, can dance along.

There are a number of songs that all wedding bands play and ones that are preferred in the wedding ceremony. These particular songs bring glamour and joy in a wedding despite the fact that there are a million nice songs to be sung in a wedding. Choosing a wedding band enables you to have some good music during your wedding ceremony. It is important to check out on various things like tastes and preferences, the budget, reputation of the wedding band in question and the budget for you to hire the service. You might want to hire a wedding band that is characterized by the kind of songs it performs or sings so that it matches your wedding theme.