10 Budgeting Tips for Wedding Decorations

Trying to manage the budget for your wedding? It might be a great idea to cut down on decorations. Wedding decorations convey the atmosphere of the wedding and add the ‘you’ element in your big day since they reflect your personal preferences. This does not change when trying to budget your decorations since the idea of do-it-yourself is a major forerunner when thinking of a budget wedding. And it is easy to guess why. Because there are quite some things you can make yourself and save a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.

Here are 10 tips for wedding decorations on a budget. With a little creativity, you can still manage to pull a very stylish and beautiful wedding celebration.

  1. Location

Choosing the venue has much to do with how much you will need to spend on your wedding decorations. Pick a special wedding venue. This will be the background of your big day and if you choose smartly, it will save you a lot of decoration costs. Think of outside locations such as the beach, a garden or a forest. Here, you will not need much decoration. An indoor venue, on the other hand, will require a lot of effort to do up.

  1. Do it yourself

DIY decorations, although time-consuming, are the cheapest. Invite your bridesmaids out for an afternoon of tinkering and make your own centerpieces, place cards, wreaths, wall decorations, wedding favors, guest books etc. Opt for decorations involving faux flowers or craft material other than fresh flowers as these will need to be made well in advance if you will consider making them yourself. This effort saves a lot of money and makes your wedding site more personal.

  1. Keep it Simple

Less is more, especially when you are looking to achieve an elegant look. You do not have to do much to dress a place beautifully. Fill a wine glass with water and a floating candle, sprinkle some confetti and rose petals on the tables or clean a soda bottle and place a beautiful single flower into it. A gerbera or calla is a beautiful flower to use single. Skip the expensive and elaborate floral centerpieces. The combined colors of the floating candle, confetti and flowers will give an equally stunning look.

  1. Flowers

The cost of flowers will explode higher than you can expect. Save money by making the corsages yourself and replace the bridesmaids’ bouquets with a large single bloom mixed with foliage. Check your own garden or that of your parents or other close family members and friends to see which flowers you can find that suit the purpose. You will be surprised at the choices. Don’t be afraid to make a non-traditional choice and be different. If it pleases you, it will look good. Consider the flowing ivy or you might fancy the classy rose bush, perhaps. Gather what you can find and bunch into something you will love to carry or decorate with.

You must also consider the season when you are getting married. Ask your florist for seasonal flowers. Flowers are mostly expensive in winter compared to summer.

  1. Holidays

An important tip is to avoid holidays. Flowers are super expensive around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. A great time to shop for decorations on a discount is just after Christmas. The sale after the holidays is a perfect time to start storing for your oncoming wedding!

  1. Fruits

Ever gave the combination of fruits and decorations a thought? This produces the most beautiful color combinations. Think bright green apples in large vases on a pristine white tablecloth. Or you could place fall pumpkins on the tables. Choose bright colored fruits of the season and cut costs.

  1. Candles

Candles lend the atmosphere a warm touch in dim light and are beautiful to use as decoration. Moreover, they are much cheaper than flowers. Look for candles in your choice of sizes, shapes, colors and fragrances. Use feathers or some foliage to accent the candles and create elegant table decorations.

  1. Styling

Think like an expert stylist who uses everyday things to create glossy magazine layouts that you love to ogle at. Use inexpensive materials to dress a room. For example, linen cloth in solid colors, balloons and ribbons. Use linen to cover tables and create swags to add drama. Tie ribbons to the balloons and let them float to the ceiling. Fill jars with different kinds of candy or bake cakes themselves. This one is an eye-catcher!

  1. Recycle

Make a trip to the attic and get together all the treasures you manage to find. Clocks, books, lamps, chandeliers, picture frames, old jewelry. You can use all of these creatively at your wedding venue. Give that old iron cage a paint job and use it to hold cash gifts and cards. The glass icicles from an old chandelier can be used with flower arrangements etc.

  1. Research

Gather as much information about how to budget your wedding decorations responsibly. Ask around your friends and enlist creative help of family members. Research books, magazines and the internet and you will have at your fingertips hundreds of creative ideas to style your wedding for less.