Tips on Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude to friends and family who attend the wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. It is a simple thought that leaves a lasting impression of your wedding and your thoughtfulness. Aside from memories, the favor may stay with the wedding guests forever. So, don’t skip out on the favor, because it really can matter.

Deciding what is the appropriate favor to give to your guests is always a dilemma? Remember that it is not about what you give, but the thought of giving, so a favor can be very inexpensive or very high end. People give out all sorts of wedding favors that fit their personality. There is nothing that is strange to give out as a favor if it reflects the bride and groom’s personality and taste. There are many different types of favors that can be given out depending on the type of wedding.

Many people will choose to coordinate the favor with the theme of the wedding. For example, sometimes it is nice to give out a favors that are in season with

Seven Tips For Wedding Invitation Wording

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If you want to make your wedding invitations you know the importance of wedding invitation wording.

Careful use of words and establishing them correctly is very important in wedding announcements. This is because wedding announcement wording becomes the first symbol your guests have to decide the setting they will expect.

Making the wording easy to understand and most you can will help your guests.

Here are seven tips for wedding invitation wording:

  1. The date should be written out. The day of the week and the day and month. An example of this is Saturday, The Fourth of August, Twenty-Twelve .
  2. The exact time is important to spell out. You can write this as O’clock but if you have it as Five-thirty you can write just as that or Half past five o’clock. The formal way is to use o’clock in the time wording. Usually the time is only at the o’clock or half past. But you can change that if you like.
  3. The place where the wedding ceremony will take place should be very specific. Normally you would write the name of the location

Tips on Wedding Color Selection

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Brides know that their wedding colors really help to set the tone for the whole event. After all, we all know that a silver and gold wedding is going to be formal, a pink and green one preppy, and a red and green wedding Christmasy. But not every bride knows the secrets to choosing a wedding color palette that really works. These tips on wedding color selection will get you off to a great start.

The first thing to keep in mind is that people get tired of seeing the same old, same old. While there is something to be said for wedding classics – roses, pearl bridal jewelry, limos – you also don’t want your wedding to be completely predictable. A great way to avoid this potential pitfall is to choose wedding colors which are unexpected. So perhaps instead of decorating a fall wedding entirely in the standard autumn leaf colors like orange, yellow, and red, you could decide to have an aubergine and sage green color palette. It would be just as appropriate for the season, but your wedding won’t look like

What to Tip at a Wedding and How to Tip Your Wedding Minister

Many brides and grooms, or their parents, are very shy when it comes to making payments to a wedding professional in person, but they are generally more embarrassed when dealing with their wedding clergy in regards to payment, and especially a giving a gratuity. I have been on both ends of the wedding altar and I can tell you that it’s much easier to deal with than you think and there is a smart way.

Everyone is a bit unsure of what is proper mostly because wedding ministers as a whole have historically dealt with rituals and properness in situations and most folks do not want to cross the line. But remember that wedding professionals deal with this issue on a daily basis and so they understand your uncomfortableness and they have seen it quite a bit. To them, it is part of the work day.

Do I tip? Definitely, yes. How much? It depends, but it is not unusual to double a fee. How? There is a good time to pay the gratuity when you pay the balance of your officiant fee. Why? Because t.i.p. stands for to insure proper service. Your marriage officiant is

Preparing For Your Wedding

Planning and organizing your dream wedding can be a difficult task especially when budget is a major concern. Especially if you are staying in the big city, you will realize how expensive wedding can be. If you have unique wedding ideas, creative and have done a good research, there are many ways in reducing your wedding budget and still achieve wedding of your dream. I would like to share my ideas and tips on wedding planning on a budget that I have personally experienced and still achieve wedding of my dream.

The most obvious way in reducing the cost is by reducing the numbers of guests attending your wedding. Screen through the wedding invitation list again and just invites those close and important relatives and friends. Appropriate decision and selection in your invitation guest will ensure you really scrutinize the list and still maintain wedding invitation etiquette.

Select a day which is non-peak or not in holiday season to get the best price. Catering, wedding facilities and other wedding related services usually will be in high demand on Saturday, Sunday and holiday seasons and thus it will be more expensive. If Saturday or Sunday is unavoidable,

6 Tips That Wedding Bands Should Use To Play Good Music

A wedding party is an eventful day that you should live to remember. Apart from decorating the venue to suit the occasion, you might want to hire a wedding band that will entertain your guests throughout the occasion. Beginning from the ceremony processional towards the first dance, it is often challenging figuring out the correct songs for the weddings. You could be interested in keeping your guests engaged with sweet music to honor the occasion.

Wedding bands may find it easy to choose the right music according to the theme of the wedding and its set-up. Also, the band has a wide collection of songs and all they can do for you is to choose a collection that is going to be compatible with the colorful day. They will match up to the standard of the songs that the bride or groom desires. There are various tips that wedding bands can use to get good music for the wedding parties:

  • The band should ensure that it has a right collection of songs and tests them to ensure that it can actually play the songs in question. If you choose a jazz band for instance, they might

Try These Tips For Wedding Planning

Have any of your friends married recently? Now would be a good time to have a chat with them, listening to their tips for wedding planning. They will be able to pinpoint the mistakes they made while planning, and you can learn from their experience.

Talking to any “wedding professional”, you will most probably be told one thing time and again: Start planning as early as possible. Simply drawing up a list will help, but there could still be a lot of smaller details you fail to note. Get a wedding planning worksheet from the internet, or go out and buy a wedding planning book.

Next on the list of essential tips for wedding planning concerns your budget: Before you are able to start forming a plan, never mind spending, you have to know what you can afford in total. You will have to break this down to include every little detail, and then stick with it. If you spend too much in one area, you will have to give up in another, and that is simply not an option.

Create a “complete by” schedule, and stick to it, no matter what. There will be

10 Budgeting Tips for Wedding Decorations

Trying to manage the budget for your wedding? It might be a great idea to cut down on decorations. Wedding decorations convey the atmosphere of the wedding and add the ‘you’ element in your big day since they reflect your personal preferences. This does not change when trying to budget your decorations since the idea of do-it-yourself is a major forerunner when thinking of a budget wedding. And it is easy to guess why. Because there are quite some things you can make yourself and save a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.

Here are 10 tips for wedding decorations on a budget. With a little creativity, you can still manage to pull a very stylish and beautiful wedding celebration.

  1. Location

Choosing the venue has much to do with how much you will need to spend on your wedding decorations. Pick a special wedding venue. This will be the background of your big day and if you choose smartly, it will save you a lot of decoration costs. Think of outside locations such as the beach, a garden or a forest. Here, you will not need much decoration. An indoor venue, on

Tips for Wedding Programs

Are you going to use a wedding program? I’ll give you some tips on what to include in your wedding program. There are three main sections that will need to be included in your program.

The first thing everyone will see is the cover. The cover of the wedding program you will need to include a picture of yourselves, date, location and your names. The cover does not need to be extravagant but should have some design element to it.

The second thing you need to let everyone know about is all the events you are having and in some cases the time of that specific event. List everything that will be happening at the ceremony such as scripture readings, the music that you are having, prayers, exchanging of your vows and so on. You do not have to include everything you are doing at your ceremony but the main parts of the ceremony are essential.

The third thing you will need to list is all of your bridesmaid and groomsmen and everyone in your bridal party. Just keep it simple list the names and the role they have at your wedding. Here is an

Great Tips on Wedding

One of the most important things whenever somebody wants to get married is to have a complete line-up of the couple’s guests. Along with this preparation is the creation of wedding invitations that should reflect your earnest desire to invite those you want to be present on your very special day.

For so many years now, it has long been a part of the tradition that wedding invitations should be distributed so that the people will know that they are invited. It also makes them feeling special because of the fact that the couple had included them as their guests.

Today, wedding invitations need not be the usual unfussy cards that our ancestors had long been using. The concept of the modern wedding invitations lies on the premise that they are a part of the wedding and any neglected details of the invitation would reflect how haphazard the wedding plans were made.

So, for people who wish to know some useful tips regarding wedding invitations, here are some of pointers that you may use.

  1. Use a reply card with your wedding invitation.

In reality, the main reason of creating and giving out wedding

Tips on Wedding Decor

These 6 cost saving tips on wedding decor can help you transform a drab wedding venue to a magical one at half the price. Wanting to create the right atmosphere for your wedding is very important. But brides tend to spend a large portion of their budget on wedding decorations to make the venue look magical. Do not let this happen to you. Here are 6 cost saving tips on wedding decor that can help you curb your wedding budget and let you spend more wisely.

  1. Have you ever heard the saying the more the better? Do one thing on mass and you will not believe the impact it will have. My favorite thing to do is have tons of candles everywhere, the visual impact is amazing.
  2. Rather than using flowers why not have pot plants. I did a wedding where we placed orchid pot plants in mirror boxes and it looked amazing. We used a lot less plants and it was much cheaper than flowers. The added bonus is that you can use them as thank you gifts afterwards. Kill two birds with one stone.
  3. If your following trends, then using fruit and veggies as decor is hot